Philip Tyndale-Biscoe


Born in London 12th April, 1947.

"Philip Tyndale-Biscoe's script is fast moving, witty and at times uproariously funny.  His own assured performance as the inept but arrogant husband George was nicely balanced by the imperious and coldly efficient wife Alice, beautifully played by his real-wife Vendela Löfgren" [Review of "Let's Talk Turkey", Somerset Standard, March, 1990].

The most frequent remark on Philip's school reports is: “Could do better, if he tried.”  Philip escaped from Brentwood School, Essex, in 1964 with 6 ‘O’ Levels and took a brief plunge into the world of insurance.  (First car - a much loved Citroën "Light 15" - bought same year.)  

Another escape followed by four adventurous years in India then back to Blighty and some years voluntary work trying to patch things up in British industrial relations.  Then followed the Siren’s call and Philip gained access to Miss Richard’s “Birmingham Theatre School”.  This was followed by tours of various kinds mostly in connection with the Westminster Theatre in London’s West End. 
He met Swedish actress Vendela Löfgren across “the Garden Wall” and they hitched their wagons together in Stockholm in January 1980.  And they’re still hitched up. 

More voluntary work (with the international movement now called “Initiatives of Change”) with some theatrical activities:  directed the Nordic Rock Revue, “Vem Narras?” 1986/7;   wrote, produced and toured with first play, “Let’s Talk Turkey” 1988-91 (directed by Andris Blekte).  Moved to Stockholm 1992 and from Stockholm to the island of Tjörn, north of Gothenburg Started Tyndale-Biscoe Promotions 1998 and began recording talking books for the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media – – with over 450 titles recorded up to 2013.  Other work includes voice-overs for film and TV plus some TV commercials and small film rolls (no ambition in that field!).  Available for voice over work as a proppah Englishman, but can be flexible when it comes to accent!

Speaks Swedish proficiently and Russian with some proficiency and French with rust.  Once spoke Hindi but it’s turned into Russian…